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Government News

FTZ court cases climb as innovation grows

Cases being heard regarding the city’s free trade zone have grown 30.5 times in number over the past five years, Shanghai's Higher

Inventors get grants for patents overseas

INVENTORS are being offered more generous subsidies by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Bureau to apply for international patents. The

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Date:September 26, 2018

Shanghai Impression

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Q: Q: Is there a place where I can get...
A: A: Log on to
Q: Q: What is the easiest way to set u...
A: A: 1. Log on to http://touch.shio.g...
Q: Where can I get an English map of S...
A: English maps of Shanghai are availa...

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Shanghai Today

Cruise control as passengers receive tickets

A trial airline-style ticketing system for passengers on international

Discovering authentic taste of Chinese cuisine

The Chinese culture, and its cuisine in particular, is something

A tale of treachery and rescue

The zun, a type of Chinese ritual bronze piece, is a wine vessel