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Government News

Shanghai to lure more foreign talent

SHANGHAI will step up efforts to improve its economic structure for sustainable growth by fostering opening-up in high-technology sectors

6b yuan note on display

A museum of business was unveiled at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics yesterday. It displays China’s history in commercial

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Q: Q: Is there a place where I can get...
A: A: Log on to
Q: Q: What is the easiest way to set u...
A: A: 1. Log on to http://touch.shio.g...
Q: Where can I get an English map of S...
A: English maps of Shanghai are availa...

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Shanghai Today

1930s Central Arcade gets a new makeover

A particularly well-lit arcade of the Edward Ezra Arcade at Nanjing

Now made in China: caviar and premium steak

ENJOYING caviar with a mother of pearl spoon is almost a showcase

Festivals set to boost tourism and shopping

AS part of the annual Shanghai Tourism Festival, a celebration