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Government News

Putuo to develop Wuning innovation axis

Putuo District has released a five-year action plan on the innovation development of Wuning Road, a major thoroughfare link between

Traffic authority clamp down on illegal trucks at Shanghai borders

The law enforcement department of Shanghai Transportation Commission joined hands with traffic authorities from neighboring Jiangsu,

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All media agencies,,

Date:July 16, 2018

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Q: Q: Is there a place where I can get...
A: A: Log on to
Q: Q: What is the easiest way to set u...
A: A: 1. Log on to http://touch.shio.g...
Q: Where can I get an English map of S...
A: English maps of Shanghai are availa...

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Shanghai Today

A taste of summer, a bite of chocolate and a journey to finest Japanese sushi

Summer delights at Canton Table Canton Table, Three on the Bund’s

Artificial rivers to improve eco-system in Yangpu

Digging started on a new river in Yangpu District yesterday to

Kids learn science is fun

For children who are keen on natural sciences, the BASF Kids’