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Government News

More countries will open trade pavilions in FTZ

The CEEC Commodity Center in Shanghai Free Trade Zone will add the Czech Pavilion in September and the Slovenia Pavilion in November,

Jinshan pledges to clean up ‘garbage hills’

JINSHAN District will shut down construction “garbage hills” in two villages and build treatment plants to process and recycle the

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Q: Q: Is there a place where I can get...
A: A: Log on to
Q: Q: What is the easiest way to set u...
A: A: 1. Log on to http://touch.shio.g...
Q: Where can I get an English map of S...
A: English maps of Shanghai are availa...

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Shanghai Today

City’s bookworms to get more choice at fair

MORE than 50 outlets from 17 local bookstore brands will serve

Foreign talent favored under new pilot scheme

DOZENS of visitors have now received a Foreigner Work Permit

An ancient scholar described honey as ‘sweet dew . . . smooth as jade’

HONEY is the classic symbol of natural sweetness, and China was