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Government News

"Startups in Shanghai" International Innovation& Entrepreneurship Competition Recruitment for Overseas Contest has Officially been Launched!

The first ever "Startups?in Shanghai"?International Innovation& Entrepreneurship Competition——Overseas Contest?Recruitment has officially

City opening up to foreign investment

SHANGHAI aims to attract more foreign investment by expanding its opening-up and building a more competitive market, officials said

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Proposed Interviews

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Interview Application

Invitation Letter

To All News Agencies and Media,,

Date:April 27, 2017

Shanghai Impression

Photo Sets


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Q: Q: Is there a place where I can get...
A: A: Log on to
Q: Q: What is the easiest way to set u...
A: A: 1. Log on to http://touch.shio.g...
Q: Where can I get an English map of S...
A: English maps of Shanghai are availa...

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Shanghai Today

Putuo sees strong future in standardized services

PUTUO District has forged a strategic cooperation with the Shanghai

Artisan keeps alive delicate silk threading

AS Zhao Hongyu pulls out a strand of silk of around 1mm in diameter

Want to learn Chinese cooking? Step 1: get help

COOKING in China has long been a tradition handed down from one