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Yuanyi Village of Gangyan Town

Contact:Shen Zhongkui


Address:No. 868 Dagang Highway, Yuanyi Village, Gangyan Town 202158

Public Transport:Self-driving From Shanghai downtown: Take G40 Chenjia Town Exit - Chenhai Highway - Xianghua Highway - Caogang Highway - Dagang Highway – Ye Shen Xuan Public transport Take the Shenchong No. 2 Bus Line from downtown Shanghai and get off at Chenjia Town Station, then transfer to Baochen Middle Bus Line and get off at Younan Village Station.

Yuanyi Village is in Gangyan Town of Chongming District in Shanghai, and originally it belonged to Hexing Township. The collectively-owned income of the village mainly comes from planting flowers and fruit trees. In 1958, the Hexing Horticulture Farm was officially established and locals began to plant boxwood and explore modeling techniques. As the main economic tree species, modeling boxwood has become a popular business in Yuanyi Village. Boxwood trees are widely planted in farmers’ homes and there are many experienced craftsmen skilled at modeling boxwood.
In June 2018, Yuanyi Village was shortlisted in the first batch of Revitalization Demonstration Villages in Shanghai. To date, the village’s planting area for boxwood has reached more than 1,000 mu, or 667,000 square meters, and there are tens of thousands of boxwood trees that are above 10 years old. The age of the oldest tree exceeds 200 years. The village attracts merchants from all over the country and the annual sales income of the village’s modeling boxwood has reached 10 million yuan (US$1.43 million). In addition, Yuanyi Village also actively cooperates with universities, scientific research institutes and other boxwood planting areas to strengthen research, optimize cultivation techniques, explore wood carving and root carving techniques, cultivate medicinal value and extend the boxwood industry chain.

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