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Yuyuan Road Bazaar

Contact:Wu Yan


Address:No. 1092, Yuyuan Road; Lane 1032, Yuyuan Road 200050

Public Transport:Metro Line 2 / Line 11 to Jiangsu Road Station.

Yuyuan Road was an antique block boasting a cluster of old villas, historic buildings, and former residences of celebrities. After undergoing a renovation, this once old-fashioned, cluttered street has not only taken on a new look but also inherited its historic features. The coexistence of luxury villas and timeworn alleys, and of civil life and art galleries, has transformed Yuyuan Road into a dynamic, internet-famous art district.
Yuyuan Road Bazaar is converted from the former teaching building of Shanghai Medical Workers University. The “Palace of Art” in this two-story building is just a few steps away from daily life. The first floor houses a canteen, grocery store, and other supporting services of a local community, along with Er Guang Wonton, a noodles store, a shoe-repair shop, a lock shop, and other “indigenous residences” of Yuyuan Road, which fill the air with cheers and laughter. The atmosphere of the second floor, meanwhile, is tranquil, where the Su Shanghai Community Art Museum, Luna Dance Studio, and Aura Gallery bring the charm of art to community residents.

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