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The Bridge 8 Creative Park

Contact:Miss Li


Address:PhaseⅠ: No 8-10 JianGuo Zhong Road; Phase Ⅱ: No 436 Ju Men Road; Phase Ⅲ: NO 550 Ju Men Road


Public Transport:PhaseⅠ: Bus Station:17,24,36,41,96,146,786,869,932,933,986;Metro Station: Line 9 Phase Ⅱ/Ⅲ: Bus Station: 18,23,45,89,96,109,144,146,780,814,938;Metro Station: Line 4, Line 8, Line 9

Located at 8-10 in the middle of the Jianguo Road in Shanghai, the park used to be a brake factory out of use. Today, however, it has become home to numerous creative undertakings. Brimming with a dense post-modern flavour and a heavy nostalgic atmosphere, it beams with a unique charm of history and modernity.

The park is themed on bridges. All the office buildings in the park are connected to each other by dogtrots of different styles. Each detail has one meaning or another. The grayish surfaces of the brick walls tell the passage of time, while the old factories coming to meet the eye out of a sudden remind one of the days that have gone by. The big window walls and soaring roofs of fiber glass not only help in natural lighting, but also create an atmosphere of fashionableness, unintentionally. The semi-open courtyards, with log floorings beaming with humanistic flavours, provide the best venues for people to talk about art or exchange ideas in an easy and leisurely atmosphere.

Located in the park are more than 70 creative studios of different styles and diversified disciplines. Ideas and inspirations meet here and grow from abstract creations into tangible objects. It is a place worthy of your visit and study, indeed.

The park has been ranked among the first batch of homes of creative undertakings in Shanghai, designated as a national demonstration center of industrial tourism, and crowned as the most influential home of creative undertakings in Shanghai.

Opening time: 9:30am – 18:00pm, all year round
Admission fees: 30 RMB/admission (with commentating services)
Free of charge (without commentating services)

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