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China Peasant Painting Village


Address:169,Lane 8258,Zhufeng Highway,Jinshan Distric,Shanghai


Public Transport:Shuttle Bus: Lianhua Road Station (Metro Station of South Shopping Hall) —Fengjing Town (Non-stop, semi-highway). The interval time of the shuttle bus is 20 minutes; Southwest Bus Station (Near Metro Station of Jinjiang Park) — Fengjing Town (Non-stop, all highway)

China Peasant Painting Village, the birthplace of Shanghai Jinshan Peasant Painting, is the hometown of Chinese folk painting and enjoys high prestige home and abroad. The folk culture and art have been well preserved, inherited, and explored locally. Currently developing into a special cultural industry, Jinshan Peasant Painting is in sound growth under joint support of government, media and peasant painters. The artistic creative power from countryside is swelling.

 Apart from incubating quite a number of outstanding peasant painters locally, China Peasant Painting Village also attracts prominent peasant painters from Dongfeng of Jilin Province, Huxian County of Sha’anxi Province, Rizhao of Shandong Province, Tengchong of Yunan Province, Yongfeng of Jiangxi Province, and Jinzhou of Dalian City.

Integrating the strength and expertise of all painters, the village will be able to build a distribution hub of peasant paintings and create the artistic atmosphere that people may stroll in paintings and the paintings may delight people.

Opening time: All year round

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