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Mengqing Park


Address:No. 130, Yichang Road, Shanghai

Public Transport:By Metro Line 3,get off at Zhongtan Road Station

Located on the southern bank of Suzhou Creek, “Mengqing Park” is the first flowing water park of Shanghai. One of the key projects of Phase II rehabilitation of Suzhou Creek, the 8.6-hectare park was designed between 2002 and 2004. It was completed and opened to public in July 2004, and its pavilion was opened in June, 2005. In March of 2008, Mengqing Pavilion and Mengqing Park were reconstructed. The park was officially renamed as “Mengqing Theme Park on Environmental Protection of Suzhou Creek”.

Geographically, the park is peninsula-like, surrounded by water on three sides, stretching northward. “Mengqing Pavilion” in the Park is an exhibition center themed on Suzhou Creek. Centering upon the demonstration of ecological water-environment processing system, the park integrates popular scientific education on environment into an entertainment park. The view spots in the park are linked by a ring road, forming a picturesque Suzhou Creek sightseeing corridor, which represents the idea of making landscapes people-oriented.

In the park, some of the industrial buildings of former Shanghai Brewery are preserved for their historic significance and reconstructed as Suzhou Creek Exposition Center named Mengqing Pavilion. Covering an area of 3,200 square meters, the exhibition area presents the transformation of Suzhou Creek and its rehabilitation process by means of pictures, texts, models, multimedia and material objects. Thus, visiting the pavilion allows Shanghai citizens to know more about Suzhou Creek.

Opening time: All year round

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