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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Phone:86-21-37792288 - 800

Address:No. 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjia District, Shanghai


Public Transport:By Metro Line 9,get off at the Dongjing Station, then take the Bus No. 19 or take the free tourist bus.

Located in Chenshan Hill of Sheshan Mountains in the southwest of Shanghai, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is an integrated botanical garden adopting digital management.

The whole garden, covering an area of about 207 hectares, has three great spaces consisting of green belt, hill, and botany exhibition area characteristic of water towns south of the Yangtze River. Moreover, it constructs 26 theme gardens (such as East China Flora Garden) as well as flora conservation area and floral areas of five continents. Up to 10,000 varieties of rare trees have been introduced from countries all over the world and other domestic provinces and regions. Hence it becomes an important plant germplasm resource conservation center.

Its greenhouse group is made up of three single greenhouses – Tropical Flower and Fruit Pavilion, Psammophyte Pavilion and Rare Plant Pavilion. With an exhibition area of 12,608m2, it is regarded as the biggest botanical greenhouse nowadays in Asia. It displays more than 6,000 varieties of plants among which the breeds of succulent plants and bromeliad plants rank the top in China.

Opening time : All year round


Transport Routes
Get off G60 Shanghai-Kunshan Expressway at the Exit of Songjiang New City, drive northward on Jiasong Road, and turn left at Chenhua Road to Gate 1; or turn left at Shenzhuan Road to Shetiankun Road, and then turn left to Gate 2;or
Get off Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway at Zhaogang Exit, drive southward on Jiasong Road, and turn right at Chenhua Road to Gate 1; or turn right at Shenzhuan Road, and then turn right at Shetiankun Road,turn left to Gate 2

Zip Code: 201602

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