Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Bases

Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park


Address:ZJ Innopark, 69 Zhangjiang Road, Shanghai


Public Transport:By buses 609, 961, 977, Shenchuan Shuttle Bus, Dongchuan Shuttle Bus,or By Metro Line 2

Located in ZJ Innopark, Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park (the Park) is a national demonstrative cultural industry park characteristic of scientific research and development, financial support, and creative services with great culture transmission power. By virtue of the aggregation of the leading companies and the notable scale effects, it has distinct advantages in the combination of culture, science and technology, innovation, finance and trade.

Since the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee officially named Zhangjiang as the cultural industry base of Shanghai in the August of 2004, ZJ Innopark has promoted the accelerated development of cultural industry by sticking to the policy of “Giving Priority to Overall Planning, Policy Guide and Environment Construction” with the methodology of “Building Environment for the Industry and Innovate the Overall Services”. Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park strives to develop the culture and brand of Zhangjiang that “conform to the market discipline and offer encouragement and support to innovation”. In other words, the Park encourages an innovative business-starting culture inspired by the power of capital and regulated by the market mechanism with the respect for investors, customers, and the market disciplines. At the current stage, there are 380 cultural enterprises registered in Zhangjiang, including such national renowned or leading cultural enterprises as SNDA, Tudou, Inc., PPLIVE, Toonmax Animation, City Animation, Hippo Animation, Tooncool Digital and Fx King Entertainment. The Park also honors the first national digital publishing base-Zhangjiang Digital Publishing Base, and the first municipal-level cultural industry park of Shanghai-Zhangjiang Animation Valley. On February 28, 2011, Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park was officially listed into the third batch of National Cultural Industry Demonstration Parks by China’s Ministry of Culture.

Opening time:All the workingdays

Zip Code: 201203

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