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Jinshan farmer paintings on show in Tokyo - June 06, 2019


An exhibition featuring nearly 100 Jinshan farmer paintings was unveiled at the Japan-China Friendship Center Art Museum in Tokyo on Wednesday.
It is the second time Jinshan farmer painting, an intangible cultural heritage item of Shanghai, has been showcased in Japan after a display in Kyoto last October.
As part of the Shanghai Information Office's "Amazing Shanghai" project, the exhibition was directed by Jiefang Daily and the Jinshan District government, and organized by the Japan-China Friendship Center Art Museum and Jinshan Peasant Painting Academy.
The exhibition will last three weeks.
Jinshan farmer painting is a folk art form which depicts idyllic scenery, lively farmer life and passionate farming scenes expressed in a simple, mellow and vigorous spirit.
"Wonderful. Couldn't imagine such paintings were drawn by farmers," one Japanese visitor commented.
Before the exhibition opened in Tokyo, it was promoted at various cultural landmarks in Japan to attract more visitors. A series of activities such as a children's appreciation event and an event to learn how to draw peasant painting will be held during the exhibition to enable more people to appreciate the folk art.

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