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Jinshan focusing on innovative industries - September 11, 2020


The district in southwest Shanghai has become a significant manufacturing base on the north shore of Hangzhou Bay. The four pillar industries — hi-tech equipment, information technology, life health and new materials, account for over 70 percent of the regional GDP.
Key manufacturers include EverDisplay Optronics, which produces high-end AMOLED displays with a planned annual output value of 12.9 billion yuan (US$1.8 billion).
The district is also building innovative industrial zones, including a front-tier unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base and innovation centers.
Launched in August 2018, the East China UAV Base is the first in China that officially allows UAVs to carry out multi-scenario testing and application.
With a land airspace of 58 kilometers, the base has signed with 65 flying units and accomplished a total of 32,293 flights by the end of this July.
Models served at the base include rotary-wing drones and vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones.
As one of Shanghai’s 26 key industrial parks, the East China UAV Base has received support from the local government in terms of industrial planning and resource integration. Jinshan has also issued 18 special support policies for the UAV industry.
The Shanghai Innovation Bay launched in 2019 is a platform focused on nurturing entrepreneurship in terms of the digital economy, 5G technology, blockchain, and life and health.
The bay has successively built the Tsinghua Innovation Base, Zhejiang Tsinghua Science and Technology Industrial Park, Bay Area Cultural and Creative Exchange Platform, and attracted over 1,000 enterprises.
As a key agricultural district of the city, Jinshan has formed three product-processing clusters with 25 key agricultural leading enterprises.
For example, the central kitchen of Shanghai Xinbohai Agriculture Products Processing Co reports an annual delivery capacity of 40,000 tons and output value of nearly 400 million yuan.
In 2019, the average income of rural residents in the district was 31,336 yuan, 9.5 percent higher than the previous figure.
According to Hu Weiguo, Jinshan’s Party secretary, 15 municipal-level rural demonstration villages will be built by the end of 2020.
“As the southwest gateway of Shanghai, Jinshan strives to become a pioneer area for both rural revitalization and technological innovation. We will pursue further integration and become the bridgehead in the Yangtze Delta Region with high-quality management,” said Hu.

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