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Survey on Media Academic Salons


End Time:2020-04-30

Registration Deadline:2020-04-30

Phone:23116861, 23113359

Media friends:
In order to better carry out media academic salons, enrich the content and boost the exchanges, we are now collecting the opinions from our media friends.Please click the link below to join.
(The following is a preview of the questionnaire)
1. Which time period do you prefer can the academic salons be arranged? (Single choice)
  • Early May
  • Mid-May
  • Late May
  • Other time slots
2. Which topics are you interested in? (Multiple choices)
Theme 1: Building a well-off society in an all-round way with Shanghai characteristics
  • How to interpret Shanghai’s efforts to build a well-off society at a higher level? Which aspects is the “higher level” reflected in?
  • What is the current progress of building Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center? What are the achievements? At the same time, what are the developments in the construction of the city as an economic center, financial center, trade center and shipping center?
  • What has been achieved in the construction of the integrated demonstration zone in the Yangtze River Delta? What’s new in the next step?
  • What contributions have the four major brands in Shanghai (Shanghai Service, Shanghai Manufacturing, Shanghai Shopping, Shanghai Culture) made to build a well-off society in an all-round way?
Theme 2: Shanghai’s urban governance under the epidemic
  • What are the dilemmas and challenges that Shanghai is facing in grassroots urban governance and refined urban management under the epidemic situation?
  • What impact and changes will artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies bring to the construction of Shanghai’s urban governance this time?
  • What key measures is Shanghai taking to prevent imported COVID-19 cases and any potential rebound in domestic epidemic? What efforts is Shanghai making to support overseas regions? What are the detailed situations?
Theme 3: Shanghai’s economic development under the epidemic
  • What industries have seen development during the epidemic? What are the emerging consumption patterns? What changes has the epidemic brought to Shanghai’s economic development?
  • What measures has Shanghai taken to revive the economic vitality?
  • How are foreign-invested companies developing in Shanghai? What are the challenges and how to solve them?
  • Will Shanghai change its economic and social development goals under the epidemic?
3. During the epidemic, which form do you prefer to hold the academic salon? (Single choice)
  • Online communication
  • Offline seminar
  • Field visit
4. If you have any other information you want to know, please write here:
We sincerely thank you for your valuable comments and suggestions!
Information Office of Shanghai Municipality
Press Liaison Office
April 23, 2020

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