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End Time:2020-06-23

Registration Deadline:2020-06-19


On June 23, ahead of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality will invite the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai TCM Integrated Hospital to help both Chinese and foreign reporters better understand Shanghai’s measures to enhance economic recovery from the pandemic, the rebound in food and beverage consumption, Dragon Boat Festival traditions and Chinese medicine culture. Afterwards, reporters can taste traditional snacks, make sachets and dumplings, and try pulse diagnosis. Finally, staff at Yuyuan Garden will guide journalists for a night tour of Jingrong Building, interact with craftsmen under ginkgo trees, and visit the Zigzag Bridge Square to learn about livestreaming promotion, cultural and creative business, and night economy.
Please send back the receipt including media organization, reporter’s name, and contact information by 6pm on June 19 (send e-mail to
Reporters who need to take the shuttle bus are required to gather at the West Gate (near Shanghai Grand Theater) of 200 Renmin Avenue at 4pm on June 23 (Tuesday). Please be on time! Thank you!

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