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End Time:2020-10-20

Registration Deadline:2020-10-19

Phone:张锐楠 23113710

Media units:

A press conference on the third World Laureates Forum is scheduled to be held at 2:00 pm on October 20 (Tuesday) at the Shanghai Municipal Government’s press briefing room (Conference Hall, Third Floor, West Wing, Shanghai History Museum, 325, Nanjing Road West), during which officials from the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Lingang New Area Management Committee, the Lingang Group, and the World Laureates Association will introduce the progress and highlights of the forum and answer questions from reporters.

We kindly remind you that: 1) It is recommended that reporters enter through the reporter-only passage at the gate of N0. 200, Huangpi Road North, to avoid queuing at the gate of the Nanjing Road West; 2) When you enter the venue, you need to wear a mask, show you ID card, get your body temperature measured, and show a Green health QR code, and please arrive 20 minutes before the press conference starts; 3). If you have a cold or fever, please do not participate in the press conference.

Contact: Zhang Ruinan 23113710  

Email:, fax: 63556389

   The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality

                   October 19, 2020

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