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Letter of Confirmation for Interview


End Time:2014-03-28

Registration Deadline:2014-02-25


                                                                                                            Letter of Confirmation for Interview

 Dear Foreign Correspondents,

The students from Shanghai won another championship in the Program for International Students Assessment (PISA) in 2013. How does PISA select sample students for evaluation in Shanghai? Are the students from Shanghai considered by others as those real “Exam Roberts”? Are the students in Shanghai primary and middle schools enjoying pleasant learning and living? Are the children of migrant workers in Shanghai entitled to education on an equal footing? Are these students included for the evaluation of the compulsory elementary education of Shanghai by OECD?

For this purpose, Chinese and foreign correspondents will be invited to participate in the interview with Shanghai authorities of education and talk face-to-face with students and principals of primary and middle schools in the near future. Should you have any question or someone you are interested in for interview, please contact us by email ( with your names and contact information provided therein prior to February 25, 2013 to facilitate the event arrangement.

The official interview will be further noticed.

Contact: Zou Dikang, (0) 23116861 (F)63588060


Liaison Office of Correspondents

Information Office of Shanghai Municipality


February 17, 2014


Dear correspondents,

Should you have any other topic you are interested in for government news interview, you may contact us as well. We would provide advice and assistance. You are also cordially invited to take part in a number of events on our agenda this year.  

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