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Advance Notice for Interviews during CICA Sidelines


End Time:2014-05-31

Registration Deadline:2014-05-21

Phone:23113353, 13472611152

Route A:

1. Time: 9:00-11:00 Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2. Venue: Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC is mandated with the task of developing and manufacturing large and regional passenger aircrafts.

3. Agenda:

(1) 7:45                   gather at the Meeting Point of the Media Center;

(2) 9:00-11:00         visit COMAC, with briefing by the COMAC leaders and Q&A session;

(3) 11:00                 leave for the Media Center;


Route B:

1. Time: 14:00-16:00 Monday, May 19, 2014

2. Venue: Suzhou Creek Exhibition Hall-Mengqing Garden (Suzhou Creek rehabilitation project showcases the proactive measures of Shanghai in environmental protection)

3. Agenda:

(1) 12:45                 gather at the Meeting Point of the Media Center;

(2) 14:00-16:00      visit Suzhou Creek Exhibition Hall-Mengqing Garden, to be briefed by relevant experts and Q&A session;

(3) 16:00                 leave for the Media Center;


Note: For latest information about Route A, B, please double check with the Service Desk of the Media Center on the very day of the event.

         Contact Person:Ren Weidian,23113353, 13472611152


★ Other options: In May, there will be many other exciting activities staged in Shanghai. If you are interested in the following (listed in chronological order), please call the contact person given for interview requests.


  1. Time: May

Venue: 800 Show @ Jing’an

Event: Small Theater Plays in Chinese  2014 season by Modern Drama Valley

Content: One Drama Awards, free shows of small theatre plays in Chinese in Jing’an District

Contact Person: Li Ruoran

Tel: 139-1744-3559


  1. Time: April 16 – May 11

Venue: Luyanshao Art Gallery, Jiading District

Event: Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy

Contact Person: Yang Beibei

Tel: 021-69989827, 137-0191-5476


  1. Time: May 1-2, 10-11, 17-18

Venue: Jing An Kerry Center

Event: Jazz Festival Shanghai 2014

Content: Jazz concerts and thematic markets

Contact Person: Wu Mengyuan

Tel: 155-0210-6139


  1. Time: May 4-24

Venue: Fengxian District

Event: Yanzi Lectures

Content: Cultural Responsibilities of the Youth on May 4; Tang Poetry and Its Human Spirit on May 17; Learning Chinese Poetry and Inheriting Chinese Culture on May 24

Contact Person: Ye Jundan

Tel: 021-57193738, 139-1617-0256


  1. Time: May 10-June 7

Venue: Xujiahui Community Cultural Center

Event: Xujiahui White Collar Arts Festival

Content: Talent show, musical concert, City Orienteering Invitational, flash mob activities

Contact Person: Shen Ye

Tel: 021-64417327


  1. Time: May 17-25

Venue: Bole Square, Jiading District

Event: Jiading District activities of National Science and Technology Week 2014 and Shanghai Science and Technology Festival

Content: Highlighting the role of technology in creating beautiful life under the theme of “Realizing Dreams through Innovation”

Contact Person: Yang Beibei

Tel: 021-69989827, 137-0191-5476


  1. Time: May 18

Venue: Changning District

Event: Changning Citywalks

Content: Walking through Changning District to explore stories behind historical buildings and discover beauties around

Contact Person: Wang Dongyu

Tel: 150-9890-6521


  1. Time: May 18

Venue: Chongming Avenue, Chongming Island

Event: 2014 Tour of Chongming Island International Road Cycling Race

Content: Around 120 cyclists, including riders from top 20 professional teams and top 5 national teams of the International Cycling Union, will participate in the race, which will begin at 10:00  and finish around 13:35.

Contact Person: Guo Shanshan

Tel: 021-59613929, 135-8585-9046


  1. Time: May 21

Venue: Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, Baoshan District

Event: Sapphire Princess Cruise Maiden Voyage Celebration

Content: Celebrations on Sapphire Princess Cruise maiden voyage in China

Contact Person: Ye Xinliang

Tel: 133-1190-9398


  1. Time: May 23

Venue: Room 302, Community Cultural Center, Fengcheng Township

Event: Paper Carving Creative Competition of Fengxian District

Contact Person: Ye Jundan

Tel: 021-57193738,139-1617-0256


  1. Time: May 30-June 2

Venue: Expo Teahouse, 5th Floor, Building 7, Shanghai Difute International Tea Culture Square (1165 Gong He Xin Road)

Event: 21st Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival of Zhabei District

Content: Ten activities in four categories, namely China Global Tea Culture Forum, Shanghai Tea Fair, tea artistry show by children and promotion event for Zunyi

Contact Person: Gu Haibin

Tel: 136-2184-9522


  1. Time: May 30-31

Venue: Environmental Theme Park of Suzhou Creek Mengqing Garden (66 Yichang Road)

Event: Dragon Boat Racing on Suzhou Creek

Content: 1) Oasis Photography “Water and Air” Photo Exhibition; 2) Garden tour on Dragon Boat Festival; 3) Midday Melody Opening Ceremony; 4) Straightaway dragon boat racing

Contact Person: Wu Hao (Sports Bureau of Putuo District)

Tel: 021-52564588*7458, 136-2160-9350



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