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"Changning in the Eyes of Foreign Journalists" photography activity


End Time:2015-09-23

Registration Deadline:2015-09-23


Shanghai Daily and the Changning District Publicity Department will hold a photography activity called “Changning in the Eyes of Foreign Journalists” on September 23. Participants will go on a tour in Changning and zoom in on all aspects of life in the district – from heritage buildings to the bustling Hongqiao transport hub and life in an international community. International journalists based in Shanghai are welcomed to join.

The tour will include SKY SOHO, Changning Folk Arts Center and the residences of Hungarian-Slovak architect Laszlo Hudec who designed many landmarks buildings in Shanghai from 1918 to 1945. Participants will experience shadow play and dough sculpture making, both traditional Chinese folk arts, at the Changning Folk Arts Center. Shanghai Daily columnist Michelle Qiao will give a presentation about residences and life of Hudec in Shanghai.

To sign up for the tour, please contact Ms. Lydia Zhang by email and send a confirmation reply to her. The tour itinerary can be found listed below.

Itinerary of the tour:

13:00—13:30 Wait for bus at 755 Weihai Road, Shanghai Daily office building
14:00 - 14:20 Visit SKY SOHO
14:40 - 15:45 Visit Changning Folk Culture Center to see a shadow play and dough figurines making
16:00 - 16:45 Visit the former homes of Laszlo Hudec, the Slovak architect who designed many landmark buildings in Shanghai. Columnist Michelle Qiao of Shanghai Daily will guide the tour.
17:00 Free discussion accompanied by snacks and drinks at a local bar

RSVP by phone or email to Lydia Zhang at 021-52920587 or

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