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Shanghai Forum Press Registration


End Time:2016-05-30

Registration Deadline:2016-05-30



1.   About Shanghai Forum

Shanghai Forum, launched in 2005, is known as one of the most famous international forums held in Shanghai. Co-hosted by Fudan University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, undertaken by Fudan Development Institute (FDDI), the Forum is a non-governmental and non-profit academic organization, which holds an annual symposium each May in Shanghai.

Shanghai Forum takes its mission to “Concentrate on Asia, Focus on Hot Issues, Congregate Elites, Promote Interactions, Enhance Cooperation and Seek Consensus” seriously. It endeavors to build an interactive platform for multi-sided communication amongst academic, political, commercial, and press circles through which significant problems both in Asia and the world will be discussed comprehensively and profoundly, so as to seek consensus on Asia’s economic, political, social and cultural progress. Shanghai Forum opens application to the world. Many well-known think tanks, universities, enterprises, media and other organizations apply to host roundtables/sub-forums every year.

“Shanghai Forum 2016”will invite over 500 elites from all fields to discuss key issues on the current world economy and the international situation and provides insights and suggestions for world’s overall economic, political, social and cultural progress.


2.   Highlight Guests and Topics of Shanghai Forum 2016

Shanghai Forum 2016 will be staged on May 28-30 in Shanghai with the theme of“Economic Globalization and the Choice of Asia –Interconnectivity, Integration and Innovation: Building Community of Common Destiny in Asia”.

The opening ceremony will be held in the Grand Ballroom, 7th Floor, SICC at 9:00 a.m. May 28.Rosario Marin (41st Treasurer of the United States 2001-2003), Dagfinn Høybråten (Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers; Former Chair of the GAVI Alliance Board 2011-2015) , Enrico Letta (Former Prime Minister of Italy; Dean of the Paris School of International Affair (PSIA) of Sciences Po Paris), Derek Aberle(President of Qualcomm Incorporated),Frans Berkhout(Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to 2007 IPCC Report), and other renowned scholars will deliver keynote speeches in the opening ceremony.

Choong-Yong Ahn (Minister of Korean Commission for Corporate partnership)、David J. Kappos (Former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce) 、Ricardo Lagos(Editor of “Journal of Economic Theory”) 、Ricardo Reis( Editor of “Journal of Monetary Economics”) 、Monika Piazzesi(Professor, Department of Economics, Stanford University )and other guests will deliver speeches in sub-forums.

The forum will have eight roundtables focusing on topics of “ASEAN Community: Implications and Inspiration for Asia”, “The Role of Monetary Expansion Policies in World Economy”, “Security and Governance of Global Cyberspace: Asia’s Vision, Strategy and Method ”, etc. And fourteen sub-forums on “Integration·Innovation”, ” Green Development” , ” Cooperation·Sharing” and “Coordination·Governance”, focusing on Household Finance and Economic Development”, “G20 China (Hangzhou) Summit and International Development Cooperation”, “Europe and Asia Hand in Hand: Breaking the Rigidity of Structure Reform in Economy and Social Affairs”, “Cooperation Towards Disaster Risk Reduction In the OBOR Region”,etc.


Contact Information

 Press Registration: Ms. Lu   Tel: (86-21)6564 2268

              Ms. Yao  Tel: (86-21)5566 4590


Press Registration Time: 8:30-9:00 a.m., May 28, 2016

Registration Venue:Shanghai International Conference Center

Official Forum Website:

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