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Invitation The Launch of the “Analysis Report on 2017 World Economic Situation”


End Time:2017-01-03

Registration Deadline:2017-01-03


The Launch of the “Analysis Report on 2017 World Economic Situation”

The Institute of World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) are pleased to invite you to attend the launch of the “Analysis Report on 2017 World Economic Situation” to be held at SASS Auditorium (7/622 Middle Huaihai Road) from 2:00-4:00 PM Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Organized by the Institute of World Economy, SASS, the report on” Differentiation Recovery of the World Economy: Uncertainty and New Cycle” reviewed and summarized the general situation of the world economic development in 2016, combed and mined the influential engine of world economic growth, prompted and predicted the risk factors of world economic trends, overviewed and snooped the rules and patterns of economic development, and outlook and judged the fashions and prospects of the world economy in 2017. Under such an analytical framework, the report forecasts the economic growth of 43 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Japan and the euro zone and emerging economies.


Chair: HU Xiaopeng, Research Professor and Deputy Director, Institute of World Economy, SASS

Remarks: WANG Zhan, Research Professor and President, SASS

Report Presentation: QUAN Heng, Research Professor and Deputy Director, Leader of Research Group of World Economic Analysis, SASS


ZHANG Youwen, Research Professor and Former Director, Institute of World Economy, SASS

PAN Yingli Professor, Jiaotong University

ZHOU Zhenhua, Director of Shanghai Economic Association, Research Professor

Ying Xinming,

Q&A and Closing Remarks

Conatact Information: Zhao Yaru, 23116862

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