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End Time:2017-05-20

Registration Deadline:2017-05-20


According to Shanghai Master Plan, Shanghai is to be developed into a global city of excellence by the year 2040. Shanghai is actively exploring a path for transformation and wise development of a megacity from the global perspective. As an important part of waterfronts on both sides of the Huangpu River, the city’s main artery, and the carrier of the centurial industrial civilization in “Yangshupu”, the Yangpu Riverside has become the strategic pivot of a new round of urban renewal in Shanghai. It is a hotspot land for new development and full of infinite possibilities. The 2017 Shanghai Yangshupu International Innovation Forum will be held in Building 3, Shanghai International Fashion Center on May 20, 2017 to work with the worldwide innovating forces, learn about the dynamics of urban renewal, focus on the elements for urban innovation and the power for driving innovation, and plan and promote urban development from a global perspective. This forum will be jointly organized by China Development Bank (CDB) Capital Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yangpu Riverside Investment & Development Co., Ltd. and Adfaith Group.

This forum aims to build a platform for governments, enterprises, experts and scholars at home and abroad to exchange thoughts, discuss the urban renewal under creative thinking, share intelligence, and enlighten thoughts for Shanghai’s construction of a global city of excellence, the development of the international Yangpu Riverside, and carrying on the centurial Yangpu industrial civilization. It will work to give Shanghai a new title: an innovative city. The forum will focus on how to turn the Yangpu Riverside into an engine driving the innovation and economic upgrade of Yangpu District and how to make the area an international waterfront with integrative development of industries and city, complementation and coexistence of historical and modern features, and highly intensive development of science and ecology.

This forum will be themed with “Urban renewal in the age of globalization”. The most authoritative experts and scholars of the world will be invited to discuss the path of transforming and developing the Yangpu Riverside from “a traditional industrial zone” to “a world-class waterfront” in multiple aspects, such as cultural inheritance, technology and finance, opening and sharing, and to predict development trend of international innovation.

To achieve the aforesaid goals, we hereby sincerely invite you to attend this forum. We will be honored and feel proud if you could spare some time from your tight schedule. We really look forward to meeting you in the 2017 Shanghai Yangshupu International Innovation Forum.

Contact persons: Cai Jingrui (Cellphone: 13918230640) and Bian Yinglu (13671735171) of the Information Office of Yangpu District, Shanghai

Appendix 1   Shanghai Yangshupu International Innovation Forum Agenda

Date: May 20, 2017 (Saturday), in the morning

Venue: Building 3, Shanghai International Fashion Center, No. 2866, Yangshupu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


08:30-09:00 Check-in and take seats

09:00-09:05 Opening remarks by the host

09:05-09:10 Supervisors’ speech

09:10-09:15 Speech by the organizers’ representative

09:15-11:05 Keynote speech

11:05-11:45 Top-level dialogue A New Post-industrial Century

11:45-12:05 Signing ceremony and group photographing

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