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End Time:2018-04-28

Registration Deadline:2018-04-28

Phone:15316072179, 13585859046

Dear representatives of media offices:

The 2018 UCI Women’sWorld Tour Race: Tour of Chongming Island will be held from April 26-28 in Shanghai’s Chongming Island. It is organized by the Union Cycliste International (UCI), General Administration of Sports of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government, while is executed by the Chinese Cycling Association, the Shanghai Sports Bureau and Chongming District Government. We cordially invite journalists to come to Chongming and report the event.We will offer services like coordination of interviews, transportation and accommodation. Please sendus your feedback before April 20, and we will arrange transportation at 100 meters south of Exit Gate 2, WuzhouDadao Station, Metro Line 6, at 10am on April 25 for you to come to Chongming. If you go by yourself, please note it in the feedback form. The News Center is located at the Xinchong Hotel (Address: No.777 Gulangyu Road).

Thank you for your great support!

The Organizing Committee of the 2018 UCI Women’sWorld Tour Race: Tour of Chongming Island

April 12, 2018

PS: Agenda

April 25  16:00—17:00   Honorary Cycling

         18:30—20:20   Opening Ceremony

April 26  13:20—16:30   Race of West Chongming

April 27  11:45—15:00   Race of East Chongming

April 28  11:45—14:30   Tour of Chongming

(The Feedback Form is attached)

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(Please send it back before April 20,Tele/Fax:021-59613917)


Contact:Shen Yihan,Tele:15316072179;


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