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Interpretation by Experts | Provide strong scientific support for public health undertakings in Shanghai-interpretations of newly released 18 opinions on public health research in case of emergency - August 10, 2020

Technology is one of the core factors in the battle against Covid-19.?Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, scientific and technological

[News] Together with Professional Institutions, Hongkou Introduces Risk Control Policies for Cross-Border Investment as Part of Its Continued Efforts to Foster A World-Class Business Environment in the North Bund Area - August 06, 2020

On the afternoon of July 29, Shanghai Hongkou District Commission of Commerce and Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board jointly

[Comment] “Double Five Shopping Festival” “Shanghai Shopping” - August 01, 2020

The “Double Five Shopping Festival”?is the first large-scale comprehensive shopping event held in China.?The success of the festival

[Focus] Magic city Shanghai is undergoing a change from "show field" to "battlefield" of AI, where the Third World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) has been held! - July 24, 2020

The development of AI industry in Shanghai is changing Shanghai, China and even the world. \"China is committed to achieving high-quality

Innovative Platforms for New Infrastructure Development Gives New Momentum to Economy - May 22, 2020

To push ahead with the new infrastructure development, Shanghai has been continuously investing efforts in the development of major

“Five One-hundreds” Activity in the Culture and Tourism Industry Launched during the “Shopping Festival on May 5” - May 22, 2020

As an important part of the “Shopping Festival on May 5”, the “Five One-hundreds” activity jointly launched by Shanghai’s leading culture

Sales in 10 Days Reaches Nearly RMB 100 Billion! Big Data Tells You Why “Double Five Shopping Festival” Becomes a Success - May 19, 2020

“Initial achievements have been made during the Double Five?Shopping Festival, which has greatly contributed to the overall recovery

Top Leaders of Internet Companies in Shanghai Took Turns to Sell Goods through Online Live Streaming, Which May Be a Key to Open the Door of “Online New Economy” - April 29, 2020

With the vigorous development of “online new economy” in Shanghai, it has become a trend for top leaders of companies to sell goods

China’s Biggest Export Contract in Shipbuilding Worth RMB 20 Billion Yuan Signed in Shanghai - April 29, 2020

The largest export contract for Chinese shipbuilding to date was signed on April 22. The LNG carrier order from Qatar Petroleum with

Shanghai Boasts Stable Economic Fundamentals and Resilient New Economies in this Time of Adversity - April 24, 2020

Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau released the data of Shanghai’s economic performance in the first quarter on the April 20. In

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