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The Expansion of Shanghai International Shipping Center - 2016-10-14


In 2009, China’s State Council issued Advice on Promoting the Expansion of Shanghai: speeding up the development of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, the development of the international financial center and the international shipping center (国发〔2009〕19号), pointing out that “by 2020, Shanghai will have basically finished the development of an efficient international shipping center with concentrated shipping service functions in a sound shipping market environment with excellent and modern logistics services and global shipping resource allocation ability.” So, what is the implication of the Shanghai international shipping center development? What kind of results have been achieved to date? In what fields should efforts be made in the future?

The significance of the Shanghai International Shipping Center Development

The construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center is an important measure to promote China's modernization, reform and opening up, which helps strengthen the status of the shipping and to better meet the international shipping requirements of the surrounding areas’ and the whole country. It can enable Shanghai to give full play to its comprehensive advantages and play a demonstration role.

The growth and achievements of the Shanghai International Shipping Center development

In terms of port and waterway construction, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Area Phase 6, Lingang Industrial East Port Area Public Wharf Phase 1, Chlor-alkali Wharf expansion and other projects have been completed and put into use during the “Twelfth Five-year” period. Yangshan Deepwater Port Area Phase 4 is under construction and expected to be completed in 2017. Shanghai strives to maintain international hub port status through constantly improving its port transportation system. At present, Shanghai Port’s international liner routes cover the world's major navigating zones, so it has become the port with the most container marine lines, the most frequent lines and the widest coverage in mainland China.

In terms of airport construction, Shanghai Pudong Airport Runway 4 passed industry acceptance and made a successful trial flight; Runway 5 main project construction and preliminary work on the south and east apron projects was started during the “Twelfth Five-year” period, while the Hongqiao International Airport T1 terminal renovation project is underway. Currently, the international airports of Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao has 4 terminals, 6 runways and 3 international goods (region) hub, with a designed capacity of 80 million passengers and 5 million tons of goods. Airlines with regular flights to Shanghai amount to 100, which fly to 256 domestic and global destinations.

In terms of modern shipping service system construction, during the “Twelfth Five-year” period, Shanghai, from the aspects of optimizing space layout, improving service functions, strengthening advantage fields and expanding industrial opening up, has made regular achievements in accelerating the agglomeration of shipping elements. Shipping information consultation services and maritime law services have been clearly improved.

In addition, in terms of system innovation, Shanghai is exploring internationally compatible system models based on the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone’s trial platform. This  includes further easing requirements for market access by foreign investment in international maritime transportation service, international ship management, international marine cargo handling, international shipping container station and yard business and international shipping agency; further expanding “port of departure tax refund policy” pilot coverage from Wuhan and Qingdao ports to 8 ports along the Yangtze river and coastal ports; a successful pilot in Chinese owned or holding non-five-star flag ships’ coastal piggyback business of foreign trade import and export containers between domestic coastal ports and Shanghai Port; and actively promoting airports’ transit business development such as a trial of shipping transit consolidation.
Shanghai International Shipping Center's future development goals

According to China’s state council document No. 19, Shanghai International Shipping Center Development’s overall goal by the end of the “Thirteenth Five-year” Plan is “by 2020, Shanghai will have basically finished the development of an efficient international shipping center with concentrated shipping service functions in a sound shipping market environment with excellent modern logistics services and global shipping resource allocation ability.”

In relation to this goal, Shanghai has largely determined the main tasks, including completing Yangshan Deepwater Port Phase 4 and Pudong Airport Runway 5; optimizing the city’s military and civilian aviation airspace structure so as to further enhance the ability of naval and air hub; improving the railway’s connection with port areas through speeding up early research and construction of airport expresses and continuing the high grade inland waterway construction; promoting the development of the cruise industry through developing cruise tourism routes and no-destination cruise routes. In addition, Shanghai will, making use of shipping service’s agglomeration zone effect, strengthen the development of modern shipping services, develop shipping finance, promote green shipping and intelligent shipping development, cultivate the shipping culture and strengthen the training of shipping personnel.



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