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The Development of Shanghai’s Cultural Creative Industry - 2016-10-14


Shanghai is the earliest city in China to develop a cultural creative industry which is an important gripper for the city to gather international strategic resources and promote international competitiveness at city level. Promoting the cultural creative industry can accelerate the development of the “four centers”, improve the soft power of the city and realize innovation-driven transformation and development. It is also an important underpinning for Shanghai to accelerate the construction of an international cultural metropolis and “Design City”, helping the transformation of economic development pattern and promoting the adjustment of economic structure upgrade and speeding up the forming of an industry structure of service economy. What kind of achievements has Shanghai made in recent years? What is the key to future development?

How does Shanghai promote the development of cultural creative industry?

During the “Twelfth Five-year” period, Shanghai, in order to enhance industrial added value, integrated cultural and creative elements into traditional industries, promoted science and technology, finance, trade and cultural creative industry integration and linkage development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and established  new forms of integration type and industry chain. Shanghai focused on the key industries, supported fashion, design and other strongly driven industries, strengthened the media art, advisory services and other industry advantages and cultivated emerging industries such as network information services and new media. Shanghai also focused on key areas and brands, adhering to independent innovation so as to improve the originality of the cultural creative industry and enlarge and strengthen the brands and innovative subjects. It improved the openness of the cultural creative market, speeded up the development of the cultural creative service trade, and promoted cultural creative product “going abroad”. This was combined with the post-Expo development opportunity to promote the internationalization of cultural creative industry elements, activities and services.

Achievements of Shanghai’s Cultural Creative Industry Development

In recent years, Shanghai’s cultural creative industry has maintained healthy development, with industrial added value fast growing from 167.3 billion yuan at the end of the period of the “11th Five-year”Plan to 283.3 billion yuan at the end of 2014, accounting for over 12% of the city’s GDP and reaching the “Twelfth Five-year” goal in advance. The cultural industry, as one of the pillar industries in the development of the Shanghai economy, strongly promotes steady economic development.

During the “Twelfth Five-year” period, Shanghai firmly grasped the historical opportunity of the post-Expo city development and free trade zone construction, achieving significant growth in the development level of cultural construction in various fields. Traditional areas are undergoing reform and innovation, with a growth in film record and product numbers. Animation films are in leading place nationwide, and significant achievements have been made in the press industry, with Shanghai Observer, the Paper, and Jiemian becoming outstanding domestic new media. Full-length novels Flowers, Jiangnan Trilogy and Yellowbird won the 9th Mao Dun prize for literature.

Emerging fields are developing well. Internet games account for one-third of the national market share; Internet audio-visual accounts for a quarter of the national market share; Internet literature took up over 90% of the national market share. The number of Internet education enterprises totals nearly 150. Of the country's third-party payment business, 60% of the volume was amassed in Shanghai.

Openness to the outside world is unceasingly increased. The PlayStation 4 and PlaySation Vita were sold in the domestic market. Microsoft, SONY, Christie's Auction, American Film Finance Company and other international leading cultural enterprises set up subsidiaries or joint ventures in Shanghai.
Fusion development is constantly promoted. “Advice on Deepening Culture-Finance Cooperation Implementation” was issued; the Shanghai cultural industry venture capital guidance fund was established; promote Xuhui and Hongkou districts were promoted to create a cultural financial cooperative pilot area.

Breakthroughs are taking place in key projects. China (Shanghai) Internet Audio Visual Industry Base was completed and put into use. Zhangjiang National Digital Publishing Base’s output value reached over 30 billion yuan. Shanghai Disneyland was mainly completed. Oriental DreamWorks’ first animated movie “Kung Fu Panda 3” was completed and released around the world simultaneously.

Upgrading of parks has been speeded up. Integration work on the municipal cultural industry park and creative industry cluster area is completed; Detailed Rules for the Implementation and Management of Shanghai Cultural Creative Industrial Park was released, identifying three groups of 128 municipal cultural creative industrial parks and the first 10 “municipal cultural creative industry Demonstration Zones”.

The industrial capital effect has become obvious. More than 830 projects are supported by the municipal-level financial support fund over the last four years, with total investment around 1.6 billion yuan from the two levels of city and district government, leveraging social investment of 11.2 billion yuan.

In addition, in recent years “internationalization” has been the focus of Shanghai’s cultural creative industry development. Awarded the title of “Design City” by the UN, Shanghai has established the strategic goal to achieve global city status, speeding up the internationalization of the cultural creative industry.

Future Planning

According to the “Thirteenth Five-year” Plan, Shanghai’s goal is to build the basics of an international cultural metropolis by 2020. In relation to this goal, Shanghai should strengthen the position of the cultural industry as a pillar industry in the national economy and ensure the cultural industry’s average annual growth rate is 2% higher than the average GDP growth of the city. By the end of the “Thirteen Five-year” period, Shanghai will strive to realize the added value of cultural industry accounts at more than 6.5% of the whole city’s GDP. The city will establish a film industry chain, promote the fast development of new media and consolidate Shanghai’s leading position in Internet reading, Internet Audio Visual, Internet games and other market segments. It will ensure Shanghai Disneyland, Haichang Ocean World, “Ice World” and other key projects are successfully completed and functioning; promote the professional, chain-orientation and branding development of Debi, Jinhe and other industrial parks; further improve the level of opening up to the outside world and strive for the pilot implementation of cultural relics’ auction, film and television production and other cultural market open policies.


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