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The development of Shanghai Advanced Manufacturing Industry - 2016-10-14


In 2009, China’s State Council issued Advice on Promoting the Development of Shanghai: speeding up the development of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, the development of the international financial center and international shipping center (国发〔2009〕19号), pointing out that “Shanghai has a strong manufacturing base and technology innovation ability and speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industry in Shanghai is an important measure in realizing China's modernization and continuing to promote reform and opening up. It’s also an inevitable choice to implement scientific development, to transform the way of economic development, to break through the constraints on resources and environmental carrying capacity, to realize comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development and to continue to play Shanghai’s leading and demonstration role.” Shanghai has made a lot of efforts to implement this national strategy in recent years. So, what is the significance of Shanghai speeding up the development of Shanghai Advanced Manufacturing Industry? What progress has been made in recent years? And what are the plans for the future?

The significance of Shanghai speeding up the development of Shanghai Advanced Manufacturing Industry

The level of advanced manufacturing industry development is an important measurement of a country's degree of economic development and a concentrated reflection of international competitiveness and anti-risk ability. Raising the proportion of advanced manufacturing employment and output value and increasing industrial added value and international competitiveness can promote the upgrading of industrial structure and accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development, helping the city break through the restriction of declining capacity of resources and environment and enhancing Shanghai’s capability for sustainable development.

Achievements of Shanghai Advanced Manufacturing Industry

The overall idea of Shanghai speeding up advanced manufacturing industry is to improve manufacturing industry’s core competitiveness and industrial added value with the direction of adjustment, optimization and improvement and the emphasis on R & D, innovation and appreciation. Efforts will be made to develop advanced manufacturing techniques, improving R & D ability and core competitiveness of automobile, equipment, shipping, electronic information and other advantaged manufacturing industries. In addition, it is planned to speed up the development of aerospace, biological medicine, new energy, new materials and other emerging manufacturing industries; optimize the development of fine steel, petrochemical and other basic manufacturing industries; and strengthen the technical support and service ability of the advanced manufacturing industry.

During the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan, Shanghai manufacturing industry started the transformation to high-end intelligent industry and informatization, which has made substantial achievements.
During the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan period, Shanghai Lingang’s investment in high-end equipment totaled over 12 billion RMB, attracting 24 high-end equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industry projects. China’s large aircraft project will be assembled in Shanghai, with the batch production capacity of an annual output of 20 C919s and 50 ARJ21s in 2016. A 100kw sodium sulfur battery system has successfully operated in Shanghai World Expo Intelligent Grid Integrated Demonstration Project. Shanghai Zizhu High-tech Zone has become the national biological industry base and the national rejuvenating trade through a science and technology innovation base. Industrial robots, high-end CNC machine tools, automatic production lines, intelligent instrument-control system and other intelligent equipments have made breakthroughs in 2015 and are close to international advanced level.

Future Planning

According to Shanghai’s “Thirteenth Five-year” Plan, the city will give full play to the original comprehensive advantage and talent advantage to attract foreign investment in the development of Shanghai advanced manufacturing industry and promote Shanghai’s transformation and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing, quality, brand and other aspects. By 2020, Shanghai manufacturing industry’s whole-industrial-chain interactive development pattern will basically form, with significant improvement of high-end manufacturing and producer services level, the capability of independent innovation, industrial international competitiveness and brand influence as well as consideration for resources and environment.

In addition, during the “Thirteenth Five-year” period, 8 projects will also help promote Shanghai industrial innovation and development. These projects are intelligent manufacturing innovation breakthrough, technology innovation platform, quality & brand improving, green manufacturing relaying, transformation and upgrading of industrial park, “Internet +” and service-oriented manufacturing, “professional, precise, special and new” small and medium-sized enterprises cultivation and internationalization in-depth extension.


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