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Some forums exhibitions and sport events to be held in shanghai in 2017

Date:March 24, 2017 - December 31, 2017


Some forums exhibitions and

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Proposed Interviews

Yingyuan Middle School in Jiading District, Shanghai

Happy Education: the Value of Education in Shanghai

Address: No. 88 Nijiabang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China, 201822


Yingyuan Middle School was founded in 1995 and expanded into

Xunyang Road Elementary School

Equal Education: Embracing Every Child Who Lives in Shanghai

Address: No. 216, Lan’gao Road, Shanghai, 200061


Established in 1958, Xunyang Road Elementary School is a regular

Zhabei No.8 Middle School

An Exploration Approach for Improvement of Low performance School

Address: No. 80 (in No. 2 Happiness Apartment), Lane 2950, Changzhong Road, Shanghai, 200435


Shanghai performed the best globally in the PISA test in 2009.

Shanghai Pudong Special Education School

Pioneer of “Uniting Medical Service and Education”

Address: No. 1890 Yushan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, 200135


Shanghai Pudong Special Education School, the only comprehensive

PISA Research Group of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences

PISA: Equal Importance for Educational Equality and Quality

Address: Room 225, Building No.2, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, No. 21, North Chaling Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200032


In 2006, the administrative authorities of education in Shanghai

E3131 Industrial Park Operating Agency

A Creative Industry Park Based Upon E-commerce

Address: Room 102, Building 7, No. 3131 Jinshajiang Road, Shanghai


E3131 Industrial Park Operating Agency takes enterprises as

Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park

Address: ZJ Innopark, 69 Zhangjiang Road, Shanghai


Located in ZJ Innopark, Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park

The Shanyin Road Historical and Cultural Area

Address: Shanyin Road, Tian’ai Road, Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai


Situated in the middle of Shanghai's Hongkou district,

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Address: No. 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjia District, Shanghai


Located in Chenshan Hill of Sheshan Mountains in the southwest

Mengqing Park

Address: No. 130, Yichang Road, Shanghai


Located on the southern bank of Suzhou Creek, “Mengqing

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