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Marintec China 2019 Media Registration Notice

Date:December 03, 2019 - November 06, 2019


The All China Maritime Conference & Exhibition

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Proposed Interviews


—A leader in the standardized production of Chinese food

Address: Room 506, Bin Gu Plaza, No. 369 Weining Road


Shanghai Xixiang E-commerce Co., Ltd., founded in early 2013,

Hupu Culture

Hupu Culture —— Leader of vertical Internet sports platform

Address: 3/F, Bldg A2, Huayuanfang, 121 Zhongshan Road N1., Hongkou District, Shanghai 200083


Hupu started its business as a basketball forum in 2004. In

WestWell Lab

WestWell Lab —— Pioneer in AI Application

Address: No. 102 Lixi Road


Shanghai WestWell Lab Information Technology Co., Ltd is one an integrated medical service platform for doctors and patients

Address: 20F, Block B, G60 Science Innovation Building, 650 Xinzhuan Highway, Songjiang District, Shanghai


“Dazhuanjia.COM” was initiated in 2014 by 120 medical

Shanghai EF Park

Shanghai EF Park: New Energy Karts That Overturn the Convention

Address: No. 1001, Jinmingdu Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai (Intersection of South Moyu Road and Boyuan Road)


The Shanghai EF Park (Electric Formula Park) is the first new

Sunmi Technology: ‘No hard-to-run stores in the world’

Sunmi Technology: ‘No hard-to-run stores in the world’

Address: Room 605, Building 7, InnoSpace, 388 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


Established in 2013, Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co Ltd is an


Dreammove: Self-driving Vehicles Will Change the Future of Travel

Address: Floor 4, Building 2, No. 333 Huangqing Road, Jiading District, Shanghai Traffic guide: Opposite North Jiading Station of Metro Line 11


Dreammove Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd., located in the

Shanghai Metro Operation Management Center

Efficient Metro Operation Management

Address: No. 222 Hengtong Road, Zhabei District


The shortage in Shanghai’s land resources has made it

Shanghai Shipping Exchange

Main Force of Service in Chinese Shipping Market

Address: F17-19, No. 18, Yangshupu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai


“Old state as Zhou is, its mission is to reform and

Qiangsheng Taxi Dispatching Center

Enriching Management Instruments by Technological Innovation

Address: No. 920 Nanjing West Road


With Xiangsheng Company founded in the 1930s in Shanghai as

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