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Gubei Civic Center

A Service Station Warming Residents in the Mini “United Nations”

Contact:Qin Yiwen


Address: No. 99, East Fugui Road

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Transport: A. Drive from Yan’an Road to Yili Road, drive southward until East Fugui Road (an arc road), drive along the road eastward until arrival. B. Drive from Hongqiao road to Yaohong Road, drive southward until Huangjincheng Road, drive along the road westward until the destination at the crossing of East Fugui Road and Huangjincheng Road

Gubei Civic Center is a three-story building with a total area of more than 2,500 square meters. It is a public service station in Gubei Community that integrates the functions of affairs handling, life services, cultural exchanges and community co-governance.

Gubei Community is famous for its high level of internationalization. It is the first international community in Shanghai and the residential area with the highest density of foreigners in the city. It has more than 33,000 residents from over 50 countries and regions in the world, of which 51% are from outside the Chinese mainland.

In order to help them get administrative services more easily, Gubei Civic Center has opened a special service window for “Foreigners’ Work and Residence”. The window provides 30 types of affairs handling and consulting services for foreigners, including temporary accommodation registration, border exit and entry policy consultation, community affairs handling, taxation consulting services, permits for foreigners to work in China, etc. Those who meet the application requirements of type-A work permit can obtain “work permit” and “residence permit” within one week.

In addition, Gubei Civic Center has launched projects to promote integration of Chinese and foreign cultures while providing traditional services such as “accessed via one website” and dining places for the elderly. In the lobby of the center, there are guide signs in various languages and volunteers providing guidance. Moreover, it has set up the “Gubei Civic Chamber” and training courses on traditional Chinese culture such as Kunqu Opera and Chinese ancient civilization for Chinese and foreign residents to attend, where they can also discuss what they learn.

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