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Sinan Mansions

—A “Cultural Landmark” featuring Garden Houses

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Address: No. 505, Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai

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Transport: Take bus No. 36/789/932/986/ Tunnel Line 8 Take bus No. 17/24/846 and transfer to Metro Line 10 (Xintiandi Station) Take bus No. 780/781/869/933/974 and transfer to Metro Line 13 (Xintiandi Station) Driving route: Enter the parking lot of Sinan Mansions on Sinan Road or South Chongqing Road

Sinan Mansions, an area with Shanghai’s characteristic historical and cultural features and a pilot project for preservation, protection and renovation of Shanghai’s Heritage Architecture, keep many garden houses. Today, the Sinan Reading Club held in Sinan Mansions every Saturday afternoon has become a shining cultural business card of Shanghai. Meanwhile, Sinan Mansions have become an important “cultural landmark” in Shanghai.
Sinan Book Club was launched in 2013 as a key project of public cultural services in Huangpu District. It has various forms, including lectures by leading experts, reader salons, new book sharing, etc. Here, citizens can have a close talk with authors and share their thoughts with like-minded book friends. A number of Chinese literary masters such as Han Shaogong, Jia Pingwa, Yan Geling and Bi Feiyu have been invited many times. The strong cultural atmosphere of Sinan Book Club has attracted so many visitors that it’s difficult to get a ticket.
After the renovation, Sinan Mansions have become a complex integrating the business district, hotels and corporate buildings. After attending the book club, visitors can wander among the mansions, experience the culture of Shanghai’s old architecture, and enjoy convenient modern services.

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