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Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Commemoration of the Charity of Love and Hope

Contact:Zhou Xiaoxia

Phone:021-65375877 18818270537

Address: No. 62, Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200082

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Transport: Take Metro Line 4 to Dalian Road Station, get out of the station from Exit 6, go down the road for about 500 meters; Take Metro Line 12 to Tilan Bridge Station and get out of the station from Exit 1

Founded in 2007, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (hereinafter referred to as the "Museum") was expanded and upgraded in 2020. As an important part of Tilanqiao Historical and Cultural Area, it mainly consists of the former site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue and two exhibition halls, aiming to witness and commemorate the history of Jewish refugees' activities in Shanghai in 1930s and 1940s.

The Museum is the only venue in China that reflects the life and historical remains of Jewish refugees during World War II. The former site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue was a place where Jewish refugees in Shanghai often met and held religious ceremonies at that time, and the place was subsequently repaired by the government and then evolved into the core part of the Museum. Also, two buildings that the refugees used to live in around the Synagogue were incorporated in the Museum, with setting up devices interacting with the audience, which was beneficial for these old houses to present the history they have witnessed. The Museum also displayed nearly 1,000 exhibits and precious historical materials including passports, tickets to Shanghai and residence permits in Shanghai during World War II, most of which were donated by refugees themselves or their descendants. In addition, the Museum possessed the only Memorial Wall with Survivor List in the world with the theme of "Salvation". On the wall, the names of 18,578 Jewish refugees in Shanghai were engraved.

At present, the Museum has become a platform for friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries. In recent more than ten years, the Museum has successfully received visitors from more than 130 countries, including foreign envoys, descendants of refugees and overseas students. More importantly, by organizing fellowship activities, overseas exhibitions and other activities, the Museum has always been committed to strengthening the friendship between China and foreign countries and promoting cultural exchanges. 

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