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Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Introduction to Jinshanzui Fishing Village

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Address: No. 6394, Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai

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Transport: Shenzhuang Flyover — G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway — G15 Shenyang-Haikou Expressway — S4 Shanghai-Jinshan Expressway — Tingwei Highway Exit — head along Tingwei Highway (South Tingwei Road) straight to the south end — Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway (turn left)

Jinshanzui Fishing Village is a National AAA Scenic Area which stands by Hangzhou Bay and next to Jinshan City Beach and echoes with Jinshan Three Islands at a distance. Here was ever a settlement for fishermen in Jinshan District. With a long history, profound culture, a unique marine ecological environment and the inherited marine fishing culture deposits, Jinshanzui Fishing Village has become a new highlight in Jinshan costal tourism.
In the scenic area, there are multiple characteristic venues such as Marine Fishing Culture Center, Fisherman’s Old House, Fishing Gear Shop, Goddess Matsu Culture Center, and Private Collection. In recent years, efforts have been mainly made to develop various businesses, bring in diversified characteristic shops, extend traveling routes and improve tourism service quality in this scenic area. Meanwhile, B&B (bed and breakfast) tourism in the fishing village has been being favored by more and more citizen tourists. Characteristics inns of primitive simplicity and filled with marine fishing culture (e.g.: Yu Jia Ao, Lao Jing Inn, and Ban Duo You Lian) offer tourists with more wonderful and exquisite traveling experience and meanwhile make the old street businesses more diversified.
At present, the scenic area has preliminarily taken shape and become a new highlight in Jinshan tourism. Jinshanzui Fishing Village will be gradually built as a small fishing village integrating humanity, creativity and delicacy and become a leisure home that recognized by citizens.

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