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Introduction to the Scenic Spots at the 2.8-kilometer Riverside Area in Yangpu

Contact:Wang Jing


Address: south section of the riverside area of Yangpu (on Yangshupu Road, near Huaide Road)

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Transport: near Yangshupu Station of Metro Line 4

According to the goal of “basically completing a 45-kilometer public shoreline by the end of this year” as determined by CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, the 2.8-kilometer riverside area in southern Yangpu (from Yangpu Bridge to Qinhuangdao Road) has a pedestrian path, a running path and a cycling path, and integrates an industrial heritage expo belt, an original landscape experience belt and a “three-path” interwoven belt.

Based on the local cultural characteristics inherited from century industrial history and adhering to the principle of “ecology and function come first” and the design concept of “sense of history, smartness, ecology, life orientation”, the riverside area in Yangpu pays attention to “landscape integrity and cultural inheritance” and takes advantage of Yong’an Warehouse, Minghua Sugar Warehouse, Fur&Linen Warehouse and other historical and conserved buildings within the area to restore the old appearance and remould functions. It’s planned to build dozens of scenic spots such as Ecological Landfill, Water Plant and Trestle Bridge, and Whistle at Two the Docks, in order to fully display the characteristics of Yangpu, inherit the connotation of industrial civilization, and build the riverside area in southern Yangpu into a public space and life shoreline serving citizen culture, fitness, entertainment and sightseeing.

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