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Introduction to Oriental Beauty Valley Exhibition Center

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Address: Oriental Beauty Valley Building 18, No. 6055, Jinhai Highway, Fengxian District Postcode: 201499

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Transport: drive off from the Nanqiao Exit of Expressway A4; go north along Wangyuan Road to Fengpu Avenue; turn right to Maoyuan Road; turn left to Caoyuan Road; and turn left to the destination.

The Exhibition Center is located in the hall at the ground floor, Building 18, the core area of the Oriental Beauty Valley (Nanqiao Park in Caohejing Development Zone), which is the first open one among eight centers of the Oriental Beauty Valley. Since December 30, 2016, the Oriental Beauty Valley Exhibition Center was officially opened up to now, and has become an important external reception window in Fengxian District. During the first half of 2017, the Oriental Beauty Valley Exhibition Service Center received 150 batches of leaders at all levels and investment enterprises with more than 2,600 people in total and important leaders over 20 times, including Han Zheng, Ying Yong, Dong Yunhu, Liao Guoxun and Zhou Bo.

As the Oriental Beauty Valley captured extensive attention in the global beauty and health industry, the honored guests in the industry come in flocks. Christopher Gassnell, Chief Development Officer of Chanel, Cheng Jing, Asia-Pacific R&D Vice-president of Estee Lauder, Anri Nakahara, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Shiseido, Irene Gosset, Chairman and Tristan Farabet, CEO of Boucheron, the largest cosmetics packaging manufacturer in Europe, and numerous distinguished guests from well-known enterprises, such as Taiwan Ligu, Taihe Make-up and Sinar Mas Group-APP have paid a visit here successively.

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