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Detailed Introduction to the City's Study

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Address: 1/F, Building 9, No. 900, Heqing Road (within Bijiang Plaza), post code: 200240

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Transport: going off the ramp at the exit of Jianchuan Road of Shanghai Jin Expressway, and turn right to S4 Jianchuan Road—turn left while seeing Bijiang Road—after seeing Heqing Road, turn left and go straight for 50m, you will arrive at No. 900, Heqing Road (within Bijiang Plaza).

Planned, constructed, managed and operated by Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict under the guidance and support of Minhang District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, Minhang Bijiang City's Study is an innovative community reading service project, and the first 24-hour unattended and self-service mini-library operating under the government-enterprises cooperation model in the Minhang District. Bijiang City's Study is located at 1/F, Building 9, No. 900, Heqing Road, covering an area of 160 m2, having over 50 seats and more than 6,000 books collected. The structure of books collected matches with the reading needs of residents. The City's Study adopts the operational mode of modernization, networking and automation to provide convenient, highly-effective and all-weather book borrowing service for residents. The automatic access control and self-service machines for book borrowing and returning are equipped there, so readers can just use their ID cards of 2nd generation or “All-in-One Card” library cards issued in Shanghai to enter and exit the City's Study, and use their “All-in-One Card” library cards to borrow books. Since its opening on April 23, the library received extensive attention from residents and was warmly welcomed by them. For the three months since its opening, there have been 34,000 readers visiting the library, and the number of books borrowed exceeded 14,000. It gives rise to a good trend of reading in the surrounding community.

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