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Shanghai Pudong Software Park

Detailed Introduction to Shanghai Pudong Software Park

Contact:Sun Shuren


Address: Floor 9, No. 2, Boyun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 201203

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Transport: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Jinke Road, go out from Exit 1 and then walk 200 meters towards the south

Shanghai Pudong Software Park was established in 1992 as the project of “cooperation between Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal Government” and is one of the earliest software parks in China. It takes the responsibility of developing the software industry of China. After over 20 years of development, six industrial clusters were formed with over 1,600 enterprises and over 1,000 types of product service. Recently, against the background of the two national strategies— “Free Trade Zone” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, combining with the construction of Shanghai Global Innovation Center, the development of Shanghai Pudong Software Park changed from the specialized park at the early stage to the innovative community with the integration of the city and the industry. It aims to create world-class software industry innovative community, provide the connecting and sharing platform for enterprises and gather talents from all over the world and innovation resources. During the period of “13th Five-Year Plan”, we will realize the change from the industrial park to the community, from service provision to connection and sharing and from attracting business to invest to fostering the industry. These “three changes” will become leading forces to develop Shanghai Pudong Software Park into an intelligence industry community and an innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration are with global impact in the field of software and information service industry.


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