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Tus-Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park

Detailed Introduction to Tus-Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park

Contact:Chen Gang

Phone:13817961277 / 021- 67895008

Address: No. 68, Zhongchuang Road, Zhongshan Road Subdistrict, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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Transport: Public transport: 1. Get off at [Songjiang College Town] station on Metro Line 9; take Songjiang No. 21 bus in the Songjiang Passenger Center; get off at the [Mingnan Road] station, walk east to the crossroad, then turn right and go straight for 100 meters; 2. Get off at [Songjiang College Town] station on Metro Line 9; and then take a taxi to the park about 8 minutes by car. 3. Drive off from the exit of G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway [Songjiang New City] under the high-speed; drive straight to Wenxiang Road along the Jiasong Highway; turn right at Zhongkai Road; turn right at the first crossroad, turn right at Zhongchuang Road (the second crossroad), and you will see the Park; you also can drive off from the exit of G15 Shenyang - Haikou Expressway [Xinzhuan Highway]; pass through Xinxiao Branch Road, Minyi Road and Xinmiao Road No. 3 to East Guangfulin Road; and turn left at Zhongchuang Road, driving 1.2 km, and you will see the Park.

Tus-Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park is located in Songjiang district in Shanghai. It is part of Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone and G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley, Songjiang Shanghai. Tus-Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science Park is co-invested and established by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Songjiang District Government. The first phase covers an area of 66 mu (1 mu≈666.67m2), with 70,000 square meters building area in 23 single R&D buildings. The second phase covers an area of 63 mu, with 110,000 square meters building area in 22 buildings. The Park adheres to the core design philosophy of “Industry Experience” and brings brand new experiences of R&D, manufacturing, and working for the enterprises. The Park will be the new model of the integration of industrial park and city and new benchmark of science and technology innovation services.
The Park aims to build a compound and modern park where the community, campus and park develop synergistically, and facilitate the integration of work, life, study and entertainment by combining regional characteristics. With the strategy of “strong cooperation and interactive development” between Tus and Caohejing, it will be the most influential Science Park in Shanghai and the new engine of important industry in southwest innovation corridor of Shanghai.

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