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Nanxiang Old Street

One of the four famous historical and cultural towns in Shanghai

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Address: No.206,Jiefang Street, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District Post Code:201802

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Transport: Take Metro Line 11 to station of Nanxiang , take N0.5 Nanxiang Bus to station of Dehua Road Jiefang Street (Old Street), walk about 210 meters to Nanxiang old street

Covering an area of 33.27 km2, Nanxiang Ancient Town in Jiading District, Shanghai boasts a history of more than 1,500 years. In 1991, Nanxiang Ancient Town, Songjiang Town, Zhujiajiao Town and Jiading Town were rated as the four famous historical and cultural towns in Shanghai by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government.
Under vigorous restoration and conservation, the ancient town retains many historic sites, and is one of the carriers of Shanghai's historical and cultural landscape features. Tanyuan Garden used to be the private garden of Li Liufang, a famous writer, poet, calligrapher and painter in the Ming Dynasty, but was ruined during the Ming-Qing transition period. After academic research through massive historical literature, the pavilions, terraces and open halls as well as the plaques and couplets were restored to reproduce the characteristics of Jiangnan-style private gardens. Guyi Garden was first built in the Jiajing Period of Ming Dynasty, named after a line from Book of Songs, meaning the bamboos in the garden are verdant, tall and straight. The components of buildings in the garden were weathered by wind and rain to varying degrees. A comprehensive betterment to the Yiye Hall, the archway of Green and Clear Garden, Junzi Hall and other buildings were carried out and green bamboos were extensively planted to show the beauty of the classical garden. With its rich historical deposition and effective protection, the Garden was rated as a national AAAA Scenic Area, and has become a go-to destination in Shanghai.
The ancient town makes utmost efforts not only to protect historical buildings, but also to pass down cultural heritage. Xiaolong (steamed stuffed buns) is a signature snack in Nanxiang Ancient Town, renowned for thin wrapper, tender meat, juicy filling, amazing taste and beautiful shape. The cooking technique of Nanxiang Xiaolong has been rated as a national intangible cultural heritage. By bringing forth the new through the old, the snack has been adapting itself to the taste of modern people, becoming one of the representative intangible cultural heritages of Shanghai.

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