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Maogang Town, Songjiang District

Democratic Autonomy in New Rural Area

Contact:Yang Xiaofeng


Address: Maogang Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Post Code:201607

Transport: Hu-Kun Expressway Turning to Xinnong of A30 Expressway at Dagang Exit Maogang Exit of A30 Expressway Turning right at Yexin Highway Traveling Along Yexin Highway Turning right at Luzhuang Highway Villagers' Committee of Huangqiao Village (Service for the villagers) Pujing Vegetable Farmers' Cooperative (Near Huangqiao Village) Northward along Luzhuang Highway Pujiangyuan Spring Farm

Maogang Town is located in Songjiang District which lies in the southwest of Shanghai. The town is a conservation zone of water resources in the upper Huangpu River, a conservation zone of the basic farmland, and an integrated pilot area for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in Shanghai. As a new rural area in the suburb of Shanghai, the town focuses on the development of modern agriculture.
As the center of Maogang Town, Huangqiao Village is a demonstration center for the new socialist countryside in Shanghai. It is also a village making its affairs public and conducting the villager's autonomy early.
In the village, Couplet Culture, a traditional folk culture, has been inherited, and it constitutes a feature of the rural cultural activities.
Huangqiao Village takes agriculture as its key industry and adopts the business mode that farmers run household farms based on the household contract responsibility system. Applying the developing mode of "agricultural company + rural cooperative + farmers," the village enhances the quality and competitiveness of agricultural products and increases the farmer's income.
Huangqiao Village is the convergence of the three rivers at the upper reach of Huangpu River. Benefiting from its advantageous location, the village introduces new idea of environmental protection and technology to develop the rural leisure tourism which constitutes another highlight of the village's economy.

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