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Boitown, China’s first homegrown shimmer fragrance brand

Contact:Li Ying

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Boitown, an indigenous perfume brand that’s extremely popular on social media sites Douyin and Xiaohongshu, finds its obscure root in Zhuanqiao Town of Shanghai’s Minhang District in 2008. To make the art of fragrance more accessible to the general public, Boitown captures the profound essence of Chinese culture and enlivens people’s senses blending unique local traits with superb scents. This homegrown fragrance producer has stayed true to its mission, extracting natural ingredients to craft high-quality perfume that serves Chinese consumers well.

Due to cultural differences between the East and the West, perfume has long been perceived as part of the luxury league. Boitown, with high cost-effectiveness as its major selling point, has managed to fill the middle-market perfume void, breaking the stereotypes long held by the public. Currently, Boitown occupies the top spot among domestic fragrance brands by market share and is extending its tentacles overseas. It also draws inspiration from multiple innovative elements, marrying the classical and the local with novel marketing channels, in order to enhance product competence and potential. Accordingly, people’s perception on perfume is also undergoing subtle changes.

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