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Sunmi Technology: ‘No hard-to-run stores in the world’

Sunmi Technology: ‘No hard-to-run stores in the world’

Contact:Zhou Xiaomu


Address: Room 605, Building 7, InnoSpace, 388 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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Established in 2013, Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co Ltd is an innovative IoT technology enterprise, mainly providing intelligent commercial hardware and solutions for the commercial field. Since the launch of the first commercial POS machine in 2016, it only took slightly over three years for Sunmi to independently develop more than 30 new retail-related products, which are exported to many countries across the country and the world.

A series of contactless smart terminals developed by Sunmi are suitable for multiple retail scenarios. Sunmi Smart Camera can actively identify customers entering the store in order to analyze customer group data. It can better grasp customer needs, and help merchants create customer portraits to support precise marketing. Sunmi Smart POS Machine allows consumers to use self-service devices to make payment. It also incorporates face-scan payment, thus leading the era of cashless consumption. The “contactless economy” has thus opened up a new business form. A restaurant, a cafe or a retail convenience store can easily become a digital store.

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