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Know Blackboard - A Good Tool for Home-school Online Teaching & Learning

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Address: Floor 6, Building C, Tiansheng Plaza, No. 421, Zhengli Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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Transport: 10 minutes’ walk from No. 10 Exit of Jiangwan Stadium Station of Shanghai Metro Line 10

Know Blackboard was an app independently developed and officially launched in June 2015 by Shanghai Xiaoxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is the largest online platform that connects home and school for teaching, communication, and management in China.

The app by far covers diverse teaching scenes and educational functions, including content release, live broadcast online, homework correction, after-class feedback, etc., forming an overall online teaching solution that comprises pre-class, in-class, and after-class. For example, the most popular function, “clock in”, requires students to sign in and participate in class when their teacher has released reading tasks or writing practices on the platform, so as to help the students to form the independent learning habit. In addition, this app develops a unique function called “Know Your Evaluation”, which is a simple and effective method for schools to inform the parents of the students’ performance and feedback. The parents only need to scan the individual QR code to have an all-sided view of their kids. This function has been widely applied in numerous schools.

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