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Sewage treatment station in Huapiao Village

Sewage treatment station in Huapiao Village, Chenjia Town adopts new technology in water environment treatment

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Address: East side of Huapiao Village committee, Chenjia Town, Chongming District, Shanghai 202162

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Transport: Self-Driving: Shanghai Urban Area - North-South Elevated Road - Inner Ring Elevated Road - Wuzhou Avenue - Shanghai Ring Expressway – Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway - Chenhai Highway - Jinchen Road - Huapiao Village Road - Huapiao Village Committee - Sewage Treatment Station of Huapiao Village, Chenjia Town Public Transport Take the Shenchong No. 2 Bus Line from downtown Shanghai and get off at Chenjiazhen Station and walk 320 meters.

The domestic sewage treatment demonstration site in Huapiao Village of Chenjia Town, Chongming District, accommodates 98 households in the surrounding area, and processes about 30 tons of domestic sewage every day, with a maximum treatment capacity of 45 tons. The waste water passes through a biofilm treatment machine that looks like a container. After biological treatment, adsorption and phosphorus removal, the effluent quality can meet the Class-A discharge standard and relevant requirements of ecological island construction.
The level of water environment management is an important symbol of Chongming’s construction of a world-class ecological island. The rural domestic sewage treatment station of Huapiao Village was put into operation in May 2017 to realize on-site treatment, discharge and resource utilization of domestic sewage in surrounding households so as to prevent direct discharge into the river and reduce organic and eutrophication pollution of water. At the same time, the site has built a demonstration green park, integrating environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and ecological leisure, by creating an ecological landscape, which not only effectively solves the problem of rural domestic sewage collection and treatment, but also adds color to the village’s ecological environment.

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