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Sand River Fashion Co., Ltd.

Sand River Fashion Co., Ltd. — A national brand integrating culture

Contact:Shao Minxue


Address: No. 1823, East Weiqing Road, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai Flagship Store: Room 108, Old Port Building 2, No. 505 South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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Transport: Jinshan Railway/Metro Line 9

Shanghai Sand River Fashion and Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2012, is a company dedicated to integrating the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture into cashmere design and products, including fashionable dresses, blankets, cushions etc.
The cashmere products of Sand River feature two concepts. First, fine traditional Chinese culture is organically integrated into fashion designing. The company collaborates with two world cultural heritage sites, Beijing’s Palace Museum and the Dunhuang Caves in Gansu Province, collecting the classic elements in relics and frescos that can be employed in designing cashmere products, such as adoptions of the masterpiece, “The Vast Land”, in the Palace Museum and the Flying Apsaras in the Dunhuang Frescos. Second, Sand River also pays attention to brilliant folk arts in Shanghai, closely combining Shanghai-style culture with cashmere products. Native Jinshan farmers will be invited to create farmer paintings, which will be later used in the designing process; in this way, people’s livelihoods are represented in high-end cashmere scarves and blankets with local Shanghai color.
Besides, traditional Chinese handicrafts are applied in the products. Woolen hand-forming is one of the most featured handicrafts of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Sand River then improves and upgrades the handicraft, where silk, lace, and other materials are combined with wool. With the hand-forming skill, every cashmere product is unique and aesthetic.

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