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108 Shangyuan Innovation Industrial Park

108 Shangyuan Innovation Industrial Park with a Cultural Fragrance

Contact:Ma Xinyan


Address: No. 33, Lane 672, Changle Road, Jing ’an District, Shanghai 200040

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Transport: Metro Line 1/10/12 at Shaanxi South Road Jingan Temple station on Metro Line 2/7 Changshu Road station on Metro Line 1/7

108 Shangyuan is an industrial park located at the old lane. The park covers an area of 10,000 square meters and gathers many emerging local enterprises, such as innovative e-commerce, advertising media and fashion brands.
The “108 generals” is originated from the novel, Water Margin, one of China’s four great novels, which depicts the heroic stories of 108 generals in Liangshan. In the 1950s, when the Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House was firstly founded in the park, more than a hundred local painters and calligraphers worked and lived in this courtyard, making contributions to the development of Chinese art industry. Thus, people honored these artists with a title of “108 generals”. “Shangyuan” refers to the traditional Chinese garden architecture, which demonstrates the vitality and greenery in the park.
The Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, still nesting in the park, builds up a strong cultural atmosphere for the 108 Shangyuan. The enterprises initiate the cooperation with the publishing house, adopting the intellectual properties (IP) in the picture-story versions of Romance of The Three Kingdoms and A Dream of Red Mansions in fashion design, advertising development, product production, such as applying the graphics in A Dream of Red Mansions into the dress designing, cup mat, cattail leaf fan, etc. In this way, the Chinese fine traditional culture is spread in a wider scale. In addition, the 108 Shangyuan Art Museum also displays other genres of traditional Chinese art, such as traditional opera or picture-story books, to add an aromatic fragrance of art.

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