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China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park

A “Gold-lettered Signboard” of International Innovation Cooperation

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Address: Lane 111, Qilianshan Road

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Transport: Qilianshan Road Station of Metro Line 11

China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park, located on Lane 111, Qilianshan Road, Putuo District, was officially opened on December 5, 2019. Leveraging the respective advantages of Shanghai and Israel, it focuses on artificial intelligence and robotics, healthcare and life sciences, Internet and information technology and other fields, and provides Israeli innovating enterprises and entrepreneurial teams that try to enter the Chinese market with one-stop services, helping them integrate with the Chinese market, capital and industry.
The first phase of the park, situated on the site of former Shanghai Hero Pen Factory Co., Ltd., is composed of 15 Soviet-style industrial buildings built in 1954. It’s the most well-preserved modern industrial block in Shanghai. Shouldering the responsibility of inheriting the factory’s historical heritage, the park preserves the historical style and texture of the old buildings, and also gives them a modern touch. The old buildings have been given a new life, and meanwhile can better meet the business office needs of the international “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” park.
The park holds Israeli technology and culture salons throughout the year, and becomes a carrier of cultural exchanges between China and Israel. The salons highlight multiple spatial attributes including cultural exhibition space, art experience space, sharing and interaction space, and entertainment and leisure space, and continuously launch online and offline activities under different themes and in various forms. They are designed to use the spillover effect of cultural exchanges to promote the exchanges and integration between China, Israel and countries along the “Belt and Road” in science and technology and finance.
The park is now home to 32 institutions and enterprises, including Trendlines (an incubator), eHealth (an incubator), Haimeikang, Tianyu Healthcare Solutions, etc. In the future, it will continue its efforts to build an open gathering platform for international innovation cooperation and advance the incubation and transfer of international innovation achievements.

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