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Uncle Gu’s Village Homestay

Village Homestay Cooperative with Autonomous Management

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Uncle Gu’s Village Homestay is village homestay brand launched by the two brothers Gu Hongjie and Gu Hongyu in 2012. These homestays offer a total of 32 buildings, 192 guest rooms, 307 beds and 530 dining seats, engaged in such fields as accommodation, catering, fruit-picking and sales of agricultural products.

Led by the Gu brothers, the project has attracted 37 farmer households, and is a village cooperative featuring autonomous operation. In order to solve the problem of idle houses for most farmer households in the village and relieve the economic pressure of many stay-at-home elderly over 60 years old, the Gu brothers were determined to lead the villagers to achieve common prosperity. The villagers have successively established a rural tourism economic cooperative and a product marketing cooperative, collectively transformed the idle houses into homestays, and operated and managed them through a unified booking and rental platform. Besides, with expanding business forms, the homestay village has developed the principle of “voluntary share purchase, risk sharing, democratic management and share-based dividends,” and the proceeds from the homestays belong to the villagers.

Now, Uncle Gu Village Homestay has turned into a new rural tourism attraction with mature operation and diverse industries. The village has developed side industries including catering, strawberry picking, and vegetable and fruit bases. A series of experience activities are available, including DIY workshop of Chongming cakes, brewing old liquor on the farm and clay stove cooking. Visitors can also buy local agricultural products such as Chongming cake, Chongming rice wine and Chongming rice under the brand of Uncle Gu.

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