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Ba-Shi Group's Intelligent Management System

Intelligent Public Transportation Guided by Satellite Positioning

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Address: No. 525 East Jianguo Road

Post Code:200025

Transport: Bus No. 955 to Da Pu Qiao Stop; Bus No. 218 to Xujiahui Road Chongqing South Road Stop; Bus No. 932 to South Chongqing Road Middle Jiangguo Road Stop; Metro Line 1 to South Huangpi Road Station, then transfer to Tunnel Line 8 to West Jinling Road Lianyun Road Stop, and South Chongqing Road Middle Jianguo Road Stop.

As a large pillar enterprise specializing in urban public passenger transportation and governing 11 public transportation entities, Shanghai Ba-Shi Public Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ba-Shi Group or the Company) now has over 9,800 public transportation vehicles in operation, over 600 operating lines of 12,000km in total length, annual passenger traffic volume of 1.7 billion person times, and over 62,000 employees.
The Company has committed to creating the highly efficient operating mechanism, further enhanced the efficiency of urban public transportation dispatching by virtue of intelligent management system of public transportation, and made positive contributions to improving Shanghai urban public transportation network.
The Ba-Shi Group’s intelligent management system conducts monitoring by satellite, and realizes modern intelligent dispatching through data acquisition and output in computer system. Through “Global Eye” probe and big-screen monitoring system, Ba-Shi Group commands the information on all the operating vehicles under the group in a real-time manner, and responds timely to emergencies.
With such advanced public transportation management system, Ba-Shi Group is able to put through the passenger surges in Shanghai in a faster and more accurate manner.

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