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Shanghai Shipping Exchange

Main Force of Service in Chinese Shipping Market

Contact:Liu Shengqi


Address: F17-19, No. 18, Yangshupu Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Post Code:200082

Transport: 37W and 155W; Metro Line 4 to Yangshupu Road Station

 “Old state as Zhou is, its mission is to reform and innovate for the new.” This old Chinese saying perfectly interprets the mission and roles of Shanghai Shipping Exchange in the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center – innovation-driven transformation development.

Approved by the State Council and established under the joint efforts of the Ministry of Transport and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on November 28, 1996, Shanghai Shipping Exchange (the “Exchange”) is the only state-level shipping exchange in China. Its establishment symbolizes a major move of the Chinese government to foster and develop Chinese shipping market and facilitate the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.

Following the principle of “openness, fairness and justice”, the Exchange centers on the three new basic functions – “safeguarding fairness of the shipping market, regularizing behaviors of shipping transactions, and exchanging information about the shipping market”, and has yielded fruitful results in constructing a research platform of shipping information, a shipping credit assessment system, a ship trading authentication center, a shipping service center at ports and services for members, etc. Besides, it has brought extensive social and economic benefits, playing an active propelling role in standardizing the shipping market in China, maintaining the shipping exchange order, and promoting the sound development of the shipping market.

 Currently the Exchange is seizing the opportunity of shipping market development to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit in eight aspects: processing and releasing of shipping information, publicity and popularization of shipping convention, research and suggestions on shipping policies, exchange and communication on shipping business, business managing and authentication of shipping exchange, consultation and agency of shipping practice, formulation and standardization of shipping texts, and standardization and services of shipping market, in an attempt to infuse new connotations into the functions of Shanghai Shipping Exchange.

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