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The Bridge 8 Creative iesCluster

A Promising Land for Creative ies

Contact:Li Qin


Address: 2/F, Building 6, No. 550 Jumen Road, Shanghai

Post Code:200023

Transport: West Jianguo Road, Bus No. 24 or 96; South Shaanxi Road Bus No. 17, 41, 146 or 786; South Chongqing Road Bus No. 36, 869, 986, 786 or 933; No. 1 Bridge Line; No. 8 Tunnel Line. Self drive route: Middle Jian'guo Road is a west-east one-way lane and there is parking lot atthe Bridge 8.

The Bridge 8 Creative iesCluster lies in the center of Shanghai. As one of the first creative iesclusters, it is a demonstration center of energy conservation and consumption reduction for the renovation of the old workshops of Shanghai, a base of Shanghai for foreign culture exchanges, and a landmark for creative iesof Shanghai and even China.
The old workshops have been built into an international ecological business community with free and human-oriented layout, and complete facilities and services. The district has attracted over a hundred high-end modern service enterprises, functioning as a platform for communication and development of the creative ies.
The Bridge 8 keeps developing the philosophy of “fashion and creativity incubator” and advocates the culture of “cluster, communication, cooperation, and demonstration”. With a labor-intensive and technology-intensive factory transformed into a creative park clustering knowledge-intensive enterprises, it plays a role to boost the development of the high-end modern service industry in Shanghai.

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