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Shanghai Pan-Tongji Design and Creation Cluster

Creative Industry Cluster in the "City of Design"

Contact:Yuan Fang


Address: Room 1609, Tower A of Tongji Building, No. 1 Zhangwu Road(Near Siping Road), Shanghai (at the main gate of Tongji University)

Post Code:200092

Transport: Metro Line 10 to the Station of Tongji University (Exit No. 1).

Shanghai Pan-Tongji Design and Creation Cluster covers an area of 2.6 square kilometers around Tongji University. In 2009, the zone was denominated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China as “Pan-Tongji R&D Design Service Industry Base” under the National Torch Program.
The zone focuses on the creation of R&D design, architectural design, cultural media design, and consultancy and planning. With over 30,000 people working in it, the zone holds more than 1,700 design companies and supporting service enterprises including Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, and Shanghai Postal & Telecommunications Designing Consulting Institute, etc.
Registering a total output of RMB 15 billion in 2010, the park strives to increase the number to RMB 30 billion by 2015. No. 1 International Design Plaza is the core functional project in the zone. The project is designed as the “educational and industrial platform for creative design in Shanghai” and will be built into a core fueling project of the “city of design” in Shanghai.

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