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Xuhui Riverside Greenbelt

A Waterfront Space That Blends Industry with Art

Contact:Deng Shujing


Address: Rihui Port to Xupu Bridge, Shanghai

Post Code:200235


Xuhui Riverside Greenway is an important part of Shanghai’s efforts to create world-class waterfront spaces along the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek. With a total length of 8.4 kilometers, it assumes the functions of a scientific and technological innovation waterfront, as well as cultural and artistic functions in Shanghai. It used to be the main industrial coastline of the city, and has been transformed into an urban public activity space with the adjustment of urban industrial layout in 2010.

Xuhui Riverside Greenway integrates sports facilities and landscape greening. Citizens can enjoy river scenery when driving on the “Binjiang Avenue,” and admire artistic strip lights along the bank when running at night on the “West Bund Runway.” It has launched the public service brand “West Bund Service Space” and built more than 20 stations with glass curtain walls along the West Bund. The stations are equipped with self-service machines of “smart life service stations” and provide functions of rest, information, tourism and emergency response for citizens and tourists.

A large number of century-old industrial relics have been preserved along the Xuhui Riverside, providing a concentrated culture and art exhibition. A batch of industrial relics such as Shanghai Shipyard, Yangshupu Waterworks and New Ewo Cotton Spinning and Weaving Factory have been renovated and transformed into a century-old industrial relics expo belt, highlighting the city’s history and culture. Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum located in the belt exhibits the latest achievements of contemporary Chinese art such as micro-jet oil paintings by Chinese artists and local sculptures in Shanghai.

An AI industry cluster is also formed here. The Shanghai AI Tower has brought together the top AI companies and scientific research institutions across the world, and launched experience projects such as smart medical robots and digital media AI display platform.

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